Hot ebony lesbians

ebony lesbiansSo, the two sluts I hired turned out to be two ebony lesbians. Because I can’t imagine myself fucking someone else, I let the two women fuck. And because I was the one paying them, I was the ‘director’.

Me: Okay. What’s your name? Des? Okay, Des, kiss Honey.

Des, the one with huge tits, kissed Honey. Their tongues stick out of their mouths and they licked each other’s faces. I don’t need to instruct them further, they looked like they really know what they were doing. Des touched Honey’s beautiful ebony breasts. “Ooohh,” Honey moaned. Des leaned down and licked Honey’s nipples. Her hands were exploring Honey’s slim body, and stopped right at her ebony cunt. Honey closed her eyes when she felt Des’ fingers over her pussy. She arched her back and motioned to Des to fuck her with her fingers. Des licked her middle finger and inserted it inside Des’ beautiful ebony pussy. “Oooh, yes. Fuck me more! Make it two,” Honey moaned. Des added one more finger inside Honey’s cunt and finger-fucked her. “Ooooh, god. Aaaaahh!” Honey’s pussy was gushing with thin, clear liquid when Des was through with her.

ebony lesbiansThen, Des went down on Honey’s pussy and ate it; her own ebony cunt was facing Honey. Honey licked Des’ clit while she was eaten by Des. The sound of slurping and moaning made me hard again, and soon, I was beating off while I watched the two lesbians tongue each other’s cunts. I imagined Carrie was fucking me while I watched the two ladies eat cunts. I closed my eyes and saw Carrie’s naked body humping me fast and I immediately felt pleasure. I stood up when I was about to shoot off, I shot my cum over two fucking girls as they screamed with climax. They licked cum from each other’s body and they kissed, totally ignoring me like I was not there.

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